Principal Investigator


J. William Boley, PhD.

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University

110 Cummington Mall, Room 108
Office: 617-358-1134

Graduate Students

Kevin Man
Wenkuan (Kevin) Man
PhD Student, 1st year, MSE

As a master’s student, I focused on synthesizing a WO3 nanorod array and characterizing its electrochromic properties. Following my master’s work, I continued my research on graphene and graphene glass and their applications in sensors, smart windows and touch screens. In the AAL, I am focusing on designing and printing soft conductive inks, and their applications for soft electronics and robotics using 3D printing technology.

Alex Levy
MS Student, 1st year, MechE

I graduated from Drexel University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2016. I have gained industry experience in both the medical device and naval industries. My research focuses on high temperature printing systems.

Rongxuan(Faust) Xie
MS Student, 1st year, MSE
I received my bachelors degree in chemical engineering and technology in 2018.  During that time I focused on synthesis and characterization of metal catalyst for ε-caprolactone.  In the AAL, my research is aimed to design, synthesize, and characterize liquid metal inks for applications in soft electronics.

Undergraduate Students

Dhyllan Skiba
I am an undergraduate at Boston University pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with Minors in Physics and Computer Engineering. At the AAL, I am working with Alex on high temperature printing systems.